Monday, November 16, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't keep up with them all!

Abby's Room
Back Yard
Ethan's Room

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day oneWall is up!

Sorry the pics are not so good!
This is the outside of the room that will be the "computer"room.This is looking toward the closet.

This is other end of the room.

Still need to finish trim, texturing, and painting.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here are the guys hard at work!


Baby on the way! NEED MORE ROOMS!

This is our "room" that we are going to split and make a Bedroom and "office"area ....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here it is

We still are not done but its close enough to say were done..... : )

Just Checking In

Not much has been going on. We did put a couple piece of tin up but its hard for Brandon find time during his work week. Although the coolest day we have had was yesterday and neither one of us wanted to work on it! But I think we are going to strat working on the flooring sooner than later. That means I have to make up my mind on what I want.

Monday, July 28, 2008

We have shade!

Day four and we have the plywood up. All that is left is the tin! It is so nice to be sitting in our kitchen and have shade not direct sun light.
Its so hot we have decided to wait to put our second coat of stain on the wood it just dries so fast it hard to get it looking good.
Flooring we still don't know but not in a hurry for that either - too hot!
And mom Brandon said he want some hanging plant so can you hurry home so we can go shopping?????

I can help too!

Look Mom!

It's actually strong enough to hold up Brandon!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

And we keep going....

We started to put on the tin but we decided that we really needed more support for the tin. So I guess it is back to the store. I think we have decided to put plywood down first then the tin on top. I am kinda sad because I liked the idea of the look with the tin. The plywood will help with the noise factor and it won't show all the little nicks and such in the tin.

Look at us!

: (

So when we got home for the store we had all the tin in the back of the truck. We were all caring in things with our hands full and as always Brady was my 3 foot shadow. But he was not watching were he was going and hit the tin with his little head. I was so scared to even look cause he hit and down he went - and if Brady is crying you know it hurt. But luckily it was not bad just a little scrap didn't even bleed. Scary!

Day Three

We decided it would be cooler to work in the morning so were got up at 8:00 and off to work, and it was much cooler. Today's Goal: Get rafters up! Lots of measuring but then we just went of it and it actually looks very good! I am proud of Brandon!

Out of screws so off to the store. We decided to go ahead and by the tin for the top.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day Two

We had a late start, because I had to get Abby and Brandon played softball! Once we were home I put the kids to work....

Brandon worked on getting the tops of the post cut off.

While I keep staining.... Rufus helped.

No trip to the store today!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 1 OVER!

3 posts in and stained, 4x6 stained - well 3 sides of it, 3 - 2x4 stained, and one hungry boy!
Shopping list - more sponge brushes

Back to Work

Yep here I am, actually working....


Need I say any more........

The Plan

So because of Brandon's work schedule and the cement needing to dry this was all we were going to do today... But since we had to take back the gas post digger and we are ahead of schedule. We headed back to the store.

Shopping list:
  • Ant killer (I keep getting bit)
  • 9 - 2x4
  • Stain
  • Metal to wrap 4x4 at bottom
  • New fence panels (Rufus has made friends with the neighbor dog)

Trip to to store

After about 10 minutes of digging with the post diggers - I was off to rent a gas powered post digger!
The post digger was better but still not easy - we have a hard ground!

Ok we decided a one foot hole would be good enough.....Post One Done! Back to digging....

Post two done... ok lets just put in 3 post... and back to digging!

Project 2

This is where the fun is going to begin! We have wanted to put an awning our our back porch for years so here it goes.

Before picture:

Starting plan - We have no idea!!!

Just kidding!

We thought 12 foot wide, 10 foot deep and the front post being 9 ft tall.

So we were off the store. We got our 4x4 post 12 foot long thinking we would dig a 2 foot hole cut one foot off. We got all the brackets, screws, new battery for our power tool, and a post digger.

Home and ready to start working! Again in July 100 degree weather!

Project 1

The purpose of this project was to clean up the garage AND allow me to park my car in the garage.

Here it is our shed!

If you have never had the pleasure of purchasing a shed, let me share a little info with you! It comes in a box about 4inchx6ftx4ft with about a million pieces! Did I mention we put this together in 100 degree weather! It took us about 12 hours total. It is a two man (or woman) job! And as close as both Brandon and I wanted to yell at each other a few times we never did!

I have to admit I did get sick from getting too hot on the second day but I made up for it that evening as I got to finish up the doors and edging as Brandon went to work.

Brandon just keep going and going! He's the only reason it only took us 12 hours!

Brady was such a trooper - he keep cool in the pool BUT he really like being daddy's big helper!