Friday, July 25, 2008

Project 1

The purpose of this project was to clean up the garage AND allow me to park my car in the garage.

Here it is our shed!

If you have never had the pleasure of purchasing a shed, let me share a little info with you! It comes in a box about 4inchx6ftx4ft with about a million pieces! Did I mention we put this together in 100 degree weather! It took us about 12 hours total. It is a two man (or woman) job! And as close as both Brandon and I wanted to yell at each other a few times we never did!

I have to admit I did get sick from getting too hot on the second day but I made up for it that evening as I got to finish up the doors and edging as Brandon went to work.

Brandon just keep going and going! He's the only reason it only took us 12 hours!

Brady was such a trooper - he keep cool in the pool BUT he really like being daddy's big helper!

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