Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Here it is

We still are not done but its close enough to say were done..... : )


awoman said...

You have truly done an awesome job!

We did notice that Brady looks really small in that photo. Is it really him or did you adopt another son while I was gone?

awoman said...

Where were you standing to take that picture? Hovering Hellicopter? On TOP of the SHED?

I love the action shot that you got of Brady.

Your favorite dork!

Bengi said...

Tim finally had a chance to read your blog. His first comment was see Bengi they went to Lowe's as much as we did. Because I am always harping at him about getting everything for your project before you start. I always tell him when I bake a cake I don't get started then have to run to the store for eggs. Get home then realize I have to go back for flour etc... So thanks you have vindicated his position.

Looks great! can't wait to come sit under it.

Love Ya